Yosemite National Park - dirtyTripod
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Morning Dome

After a long night shooting on top of Glacier Point the sun finally started to come up. It was a welcome sight to see. All that night we were shooting stars and the milky-way in pretty much pitch dark conditions. It was a moonless night with some pretty dark clouds passing through from a storm in the surrounding valleys.

The only bit of light we had were our flashlights that I got yelled at for using and bit of lightning. While the sun never broke the clouds for sunrise, it gave me a second wind for shooting.... At this point I was exhausted.

Soon after, I had to drive back to L.A.
This was taken in El Capitan's Meadow directly behind Northside Drive in the big open vegetated field. We were luckly enough to have a pretty bright moon that night to light up the face of El Capitan.

Next time I might just bring a lawn chair out with me!

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