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El Matador State Beach

El Matador is probably my favorite beach in Malibu. It home to some really neat sea-caves, tide pools, giant rocks, and cliffs. Though those cliffs makes for a bit of a climb to get from the car down to the beach. But from the looks of things last Saturday, that didn't stop anyone! The beach was packed. Even into the night when normally it is just a couple of photographers, it is normally completely empty.
This was one of my last shots before +Khris Griffis and I headed back up to the car. I was waiting for the stars to come out, also for all the jerks to stop shinning flash lights down at me and this really cool rock...Though we later found out those jerks were the sheriffs.

This rock is the first of many large rocks that you run into at El Matador. I've always kinda liked it, it looks like an anteater eating ants out of the sea. Though maybe it's just a crab-eater eating crabs... Khris was pinched by a couple of crabs while taking this.