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Griffith Observatory

If you have ever visited or lived in Los Angeles, you probably know the Griffith Observatory. This full functioning observatory is an extremely popular destination for tourist, locals, and photographers. In fact, you would be hard pressed not to find several dozen photographers not capturing its Art Deco architecture or the views of downtown from the south facing slope of Mount Hollywood. even have a great view of the Hollywood sign.
I've been up to this observatory more times then I have appendages and at all different times of day. So I can clearly say, early morning is the best time to vist. Gates open at 5am, so recommend waking up super early and getting to the base of the hill before gates open then head on up. You'll get to enjoy this L.A. landmark almost to yourself.

This capture was the morning after we had a couple days of rain in the southland. That evening held some pretty heavy fog but I took the gamble that morning and the conditions turned out great. There is nothing like a morning after a heavy rain to clear up that air and make everything so contrasty!

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