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Clouder Morning

Malibu has been one of my main go to places lately. It's full of all types of landscapes, architecture and otherwise neat little treasures. One of the first places that I always check is a turn out on top of the Malibu Mountains that I like to call "Pumba."

Pumba is high enough above Malibu that you are able to get above most systems that roll in from the coast. In past I have always been up there from sunset to late in the evening, but this time +Khris Griffis and I camped it out for 12 hours. It allowed him ample time to timelapes the rolling clouds falling into the canyons then to be sucked back to sea.

I captured this early the following morning.

It was cold, I had to pee, and after sleeping in the car all night...I was a bit loopy.

"Stay out of Malibu, deadbeat!"

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